WPUniversity.com is an educational resource for WordPress users who don’t consider themselves developers. Our goal is to provide structured, easy-to-follow guides for building all kinds of WordPress-powered projects.

Our Content

There are three main areas on WPUniversity.com:

  1. Learning Center: A directory of step-by-step tutorials. Our lessons are organized by use-case, so you’ll find guides geared towards educators, artists, merchants, and so on. (Basically the different ways that WordPress can be used.)
  2. Tools: Resources, apps, and handy sites that help you get things done with WordPress. Think of it as a curated repository of “stuff we like”. Some of these tools are built by us, but most aren’t.
  3. Blog: The editorial side of our site. This is where you’ll find WordPress news articles, tips, tricks, reviews, rants, and other goodies.

Our Philosophy

We help people build great things with WordPress without touching code.

Our experience has shown that many people are courted by WordPress’s implied simplicity, but then they hit a wall when they realize there’s still a learning curve to deal with. (WordPress is relatively easy, but it can still be daunting for new users!)

These users are motivated; they have the drive to take a DIY approach to WordPress. Unfortunately they lack the resources and technical know-how to see it through.

The Codex is intimidating, filled with code and technical language, and the plethora of WordPress sites out there offer a disorganized collection of non-sequential tips and tricks.

We’re doing it differently:

  • Short articles.
  • Lots of screenshots and rich media.
  • Bullet points!

TL;DR = 2,000+ word guides? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Disclosure re: Affiliate Revenue

WPUniversity.com is supported in part by revenue generated via affiliate sale commissions. We only recommend products and services that we believe in.

Want To Contribute?

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History & Credits

WPUniversity.com was launched in early 2013 by Bart Dabek and Ben Fox, the co-founders of FlowPress Inc., a WordPress development agency in Toronto, Canada.

WPUniversity.com was the original home of the WordPress training plugin that later became SIDEKICKAndy McIlwain joined as a contributor in spring 2013, and has since taken over as project director.

The 2014 redesign and rebuild of WPUniversity.com was a joint effort between FlowPress and Orbital, a talented digital agency in Hamilton, ON.