WordPress Basics This Week: Go Mobile!

Make Sure Your Site Supports Mobile Devices.

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Hey WordPress bloggers! Have you ever thought of going mobile? 

A growing number of Internet users are browsing the web on their mobile device. Chances are your potential readers or customers are missing out on your great articles.

Responsive design is one of the hottest trends. And, it is the most effective way to create the best user experience across all devices.
That is no contest your blog should also be designed for the tablets, Iphones and other Androids.

Here are a few tips that will bring you up to speed with Responsive Design.

What I learned with WordPress this week is how to smoothly transition to responsive design to create an optimized mobile WordPress site.

Responsive Plugin

To convert any WordPress theme into a responsive layout, look for Responsive Plugin.

This is a plugin that automatically converts your theme into a fully responsive site. Thus, if you were reluctant to give up your current theme or if you have already led your eyes on a non-responsive theme, the transition will be hassle-free.

The project is still beta, but very worth keeping an eye on it. Try it on dessign.net and sign up for updates.

Responsive Themes

Now, if you have decided to shop for a responsive theme,  your will be delighted to find out that there is a wide selection to choose from. Free or premium themes, there are plenty of models: ecommerce, blog, portfolio or magazine-like sites, make your choice:

Hire a Developer

Starting a project from scratch or having a specific idea in mind. If you have the budget, your best choice is to put your project in the hands of an expert WordPress developer. if you are ready to take to leap, try weptile.com, oDesk or Elance.

Working with an experienced web developer will guarantee you the best results as well as an ongoing support along your way to success.

Hope this will help you make a smart choice.  With responsive design, you are ahead of the game!


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