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Hi there. I’m trying to decide which plugin to use for adding social icons to my site. I like the simplicity of Simple Social Icons from Studio Press but it’s not very flexible. I want the URL of the current page to show up as the link when clicking the icon. Got any recommendations? Thanks!

Thank you for your question.

There are quite a few Social Media plugins out there, each with their pros and cons. At the moment on our site, we use “Flare” by DT Labs. It’s currently in beta plugin so we don’t recommend you try it unless you can handle a few bugs.

If you’re just looking to direct someone to your social media pages, we recommend ACURAX Social Media Widgets. They have two to choose from, a floating or fixed version. You get quite a few features and configuration options in the free version. Upgrading gets your higher quality icons and more selection (the free version is pretty awesome as well).

If you’re looking for “share” buttons where users actual place a link to the article or post from your site onto their social media platform (be it Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc…) then we recommend Simple Share Buttons. They have a great WordPress plugin and it just works!

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