How do I change my homepage picture?

From a WPUniversity reader:

I would like to change the background on my homepage.


Generally, different WordPress themes have different methods of changing a homepage image.

In your case, we noticed that you are using the Gleam theme by Elegant Themes so we will give you some specific instructions. (You can also search the Elegant Themes documentation area for more information, however it requires membership to access.)

For those that are using other theme frameworks, we will provide a general overview of different methods themes use to change a homepage image afterwards.

The Elegant Themes Framework

Elegant Themes ePanel

Elegant Themes uses there own Theme Framework that is standard across all their themes. They call it their ePanel. That is where you will change your homepage image.

To access the ePanel, select “Appearance” from the left side menu of your Admin dashboard then click “Theme Options”. That will open up your ePanel.

In the ePanel, make sure that “General Settings” is selected and click “Browse” next to the Background Image box. This will open the standard WordPress media manager. You can drag and drop an image from your computer into the box or click the “Browse” button to search for it.

Once the new image is selected, click “Insert into post” in the bottom right corner, this will close the media manager. Confirm that the image you want is showing in the “background image” box then click the save or update button at the bottom of the ePanel.

That’s it. Just refresh your site and you will see a new image.

For those of you with a different framework, such as WooThemes, Genesis themes, or iThemes, or no framework at all, the first place to look for homepage image control is in Appearance > Theme Options. If you have a 3rd party plugin image slider installed, locate the control panel for that slider, either under the Plugins menu or on its own.

If all else fails, the image may be controlled right on the page. In that case select Pages > All Pages > (your homepage) and adjust the Featured Image.

Thanks for the question!

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