Changed permalinks causing broken links?

WPUniversity reader asked:

Hello, I renamed the permalinks on my site for better SEO, but now they are appearing as broken links, Please let me know how to fix.

Thanks for your question.

When we visit your site we see that your permalinks look like this “/?page_id=409”, that means you still have “Default” Permalinks set.

Try setting your permalinks to “Post Name” and click save changes. Your site’s page URLs should update automatically.

We also noticed that your Site Address URL is set to , we recommend that you set it to the top level domain address and get rid of the trailing /wordpress/ as that may also be causing problems. There is a great article from the WordPress Codex here on moving your site to a different URL level while keeping the files in their current directory.

If you have any further questions, please put them into the comments area below.

Good luck!

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