Control YOUR content with the Editorial Calendar plugin.


Organization is key in maintaining content control on your blog, and the best way to do that is create an editorial calendar. The Editorial Calendar plugin is a great way to make sure you keep your content on schedule. Here are the steps to help you download it:

Start by hovering over the ‘Plugins’ button and clicking ‘Add New’:

Screen shot 1

In the search bar, enter ‘calendar’ and hit ‘Search Plugins’:

Screen shot 2

The Editorial Calendar is the one with the highest star rating. This is the one you want to install.

Screen shot 3

Click ‘Install Now’:

Screen shot 4


You will be asked if you are sure you want to install. Click ‘OK’:

Screen shot 5


When the plugin is successfully installed, you will see this message:


Screen shot 6


Click ‘Activate Plugin’:

Screen shot 7


You will find your Editorial Calendar when you hover over ‘Posts’. To see the calendar click ‘Calendar’:


Screen shot 8


This will bring you to your full monthly calendar. In order to schedule a post, hover over the desired date. This will show you the ‘New Post’ option. Click it:

Screen shot 9


There you will see this window pop up. Fill it in with the post information:

Screen shot 10



Then click ‘Save’:

Screen shot 11


Now, the post name will show on the full monthly calendar. If you want to edit it, hover over the date. This will show you the post options:

Screen shot 12


Following these steps will give you content control with a visual representation of your editorial schedule within WordPress.


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