Need help with Salesforce integration.

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Need help with Salesforce form. Can you guys help with configuration?

That’s a great question. The short answer is YES!

But since you’re probably looking for more than that, here’s a more detailed answer for you. integration with WordPress is a great way to generate leads from your WordPress site and have them dropped into Salesforce for you automatically. If you don’t already have it installed, we recommend using the WordPress-to-Lead for Salesforce CRM plugin. For help installing it you can read our “WordPress Plugin Install Guide“. From the information we received with your question it looks like you already have the plugin installed, so let’s continue.

The first thing we recommend you do after installing the plugin, is watching their how-to video. (You can skip the first minute or so since you already have it installed). It’s a short video but it will give you a features overview and show you how to connect the plugin to your account.

If you still have questions after you’ve watched the video, take a look at their Plugin FAQ page.

After you’ve done all that, if you still need help achieving what you’re trying to do with your form, please post a comment to this post with your follow-up question(s) and we’ll get you the answers you need.

As always, if you would just like it to be done for you, send us your exact requirements through our Contact form and we’ll get back to you with how we can help.

Thanks for the question!



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