WPUniversity Basics This Week: Say It With Images!

Images are a must-have for blog posts.

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Hi WordPress Lovers!

Last week was about getting my feet wet with the publishing of my first post. It is time now to take it up a notch and add some extra value to the process.

This week, we will talk about images. Lucky for us, WordPress has a lot to offer in this area.

What I learned this week is how I can beef up my blog posts by using images:

1. First, increase engagement by selecting pictures to match your topic.

With eye-catching images, your posts are more likely to keep readers’ interest. You will find all the resources you need with creative common photos websites like Photopin and Stock.Xchng. They offer both sponsored images and royalty-free images.

2. The second rule is to set up a featured image for every blog post you publish.

Choosing a representative image for your post definitely helps improve your social shareability. You can locate the featured image module in the bottom right corner of your “Add New Post” admin dashboard right under Post Attributes.

3. Finally, make it personal by adding a customized gravatar.

On many blogs, you will see a featured thumbnail image next to the author’s biography. Thus, every post is a new opportunity to promote yourself. Plus, setting up your globally recognized avatar with Gravatar.com is super easy.

To wrap it up this week, my last advice to you is to have look at EWWW Image optimizer. This is important to know that internet users often use image search options. Naming your images for SEO can easily boost your online visibility and this plugin is the right option for that specific purpose.

That’s it for now. I will return next week for another quick report of my WordPress learning journey.

And, if like me, you cannot wait to dive more into some WordPress tutorials, I recommend  step-by-step guide and First steps with WordPress.

More tips to come!

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