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Why do I need a real estate website?

Real Estate agents are relationship people, they live and die based on relationships they develop over time and rapport they have with their clients. It’s a great business but if you ask any real estate agent, their schedules are usually booked to the rim and after spending a full weekend going back and forth with offers the last thing they want to do is go find new business.

In this day and age having a website is an expectation and not the exception. First and foremost it’s your door to the world, the door to show the world your brand and your hard work.

A real estate website when built correctly can be a real asset to the agent. it works 24/7, patiently waiting for new potential clients to visit. It’s a real estate lead generating door waiting for clients to type in your name into their browser or search. It can contain listings to your past and current real estate and give your clients access to tools which they need to make smart purchasing decisions.

In this series we’re going to dive deep into understanding what your options are for building an online real estate presence and what it takes to stand out from the rest. We’ll give you the vision of what’s possible and what you should focus on to be successful at building your real estate website. Let’s get started.


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Bart Dabek

Bart Dabek

Bart lingers in the shadows of WordPress. He specializes in creating, managing and optimizing complex, high performance WordPress websites.